MSGT Trent Sutton (Ret.) salutes his son at his commissioning ceremony.

Leading with purpose & vision

Trent Sutton is ready to defend our values and bring more opportunity to TX-17. Sutton served over 2 decades as United States Marine and completed several tours of duty in combat zones abroad. His devoted service inspired his Aggie son to serve as an officer in the United States Navy. Trent Sutton has dedicated his life to fighting for our great country and our way of life. His dedication would prove no different for Texas’ 17th Congressional District. 


Putting more money back in the hands of the worker and stimulating the economy by developing and fostering opportunity zones.


Real solutions for access to healthcare, without socializing the industry is possible

Big Tech

For most of us, Big Tech touches our lives in one way or another. Big Tech has the ability to manipulate what we see and the information available to us. Thoughtful, considerate policy would embolden our First Amendment protections and ensure an involved electorate.

Foreign policy

Domestic tranquility is the key to improving our foreign policy. We must solve the tough issues at home so we can strengthen relations with our allies, and deter our adversaries abroad.


We must prepare our youth for 21st century challenges by providing an education to better equip them to succeed and become productive members of society.


Family is the fulcrum of American prosperity. We must work towards improving our domestic opportunities and help each other rise above our station in life.



We must focus on opportunities to develop our future entrepreneurs, civic leaders, engineers, doctors, farmers, and skilled workers.

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We must secure our borders with improved technology, manpower, and comprehensive immigration policy.

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The most important thing about healthcare is access; not insurance. Can you get it? Is it affordable? Tackling those issues is the cornerstone of my campaign.

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Why Join Team Trent?

The voters of TX-17 will have the opportunity to elect a new Republican nominee on March 3rd, 2020. My campaign for U.S. Congress is about more than just a person running for office – it’s an opportunity for the citizens of TX-17 to continue to have a strong voice in the United States House of Representatives. As a United States Marine, I have spent over two decades living, struggling, and fighting for this country. When Congressman Flores made his announcement, I was planning to return to public service with the mission of strengthening the nexus of domestic and international policy. With the overwhelming support of my family, friends, peers, and mentors at The Bush School of Government and Public Service, I made the decision to ask TX-17 for the opportunity to serve as its representative in our nation’s capital. I believe citizen legislators must take the reins to focus on the issues within the community. I want the entire district to prosper, regardless of political ideology, race, creed, or religion.

  • Breathe life into our jobs market
  • Bolster diverse educational options
  • Ensure everyone has access to the health care they need, without government intervention