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Strong leadership, A clear economic plan, A brighter, More Secure Future

It is with great pleasure that I announce my candidacy for Texas’ 17th Congressional District. I am honored to represent the Republican Party on the ballot where I will fight for the values that have made Texas and this district so exceptional. I want to thank Congressman Flores and his family for their years of faithful service and sacrifice for the district.

The voters of TX-17 will have the opportunity to elect a new Republican nominee on March 3rd, 2020. My campaign for U.S. Congress is about more than me running for office – it’s an opportunity for the citizens of TX-17 to continue to have a strong voice in the United States House of Representatives. As a United States Marine, I have spent over two decades living, struggling, and fighting for this country. When Congressman Flores made his announcement, I was planning to return to public service with the mission of strengthening the nexus of domestic and international policy. With the overwhelming support of my family, friends, peers, and mentors at The Bush School of Government and Public Service, I made the decision to ask TX-17 for the opportunity to serve as its representative in our nation’s capital. I believe citizen legislators must take the reins to focus on the issues within the community. I want the entire district to prosper, regardless of political ideology, race, creed, or religion.

Our campaign stands for something new and different. A breath of fresh air for “The Beltway.”. We have an opportunity to electrify our jobs market, bolster diverse educational options, and ensure everyone has access to the health care they need without government intervention. Congress must give citizens a fair break on taxation so that we can do better for ourselves and our families. To many of us, a few hundred dollars a month can make all the difference. We are a hard-working district with all the grit and know-how to get things done. With our shared values and decency we can persevere and continue moving this district forward. I have proven that I am willing and able to serve the people of this district. It has been my distinct honor to do so for over 21 years as a United States Marine. My son currently serves as a commissioned officer in the United States Navy. So, when it comes to service, the Sutton family puts our money where our mouth is.

The only way my campaign works is through grassroots support. I look forward to bringing my ideas to the table, alongside other high caliber candidates in the district, and hearing the issues affecting you as the voter. My name is Trent Sutton, and I’m proud to be running to represent the fine citizens of Texas’ 17th Congressional District.


1.  Jobs & Opportunity

The United States was built on the principles of hard work and free enterprise. The federal government should facilitate economic growth rather than stifle it with burdensome regulation and interference. Doing so would provide for broader employment opportunities across multiple sectors, reducing the need for expensive social programs. To protect our nation’s economy, I will promise to reign in our national debt, flatten taxes, cut spending, and balance our federal budget.

2.  Socialism

Throughout history, Socialism has never worked and I will stand firm against the implementation of any programs which seek to bridge inequality gaps via government oversight and wealth redistribution.

3.  Poverty & Welfare

Welfare programs are a necessity to maintain people from falling into despair. However, they should be helping hand up and not a hand out. Stringently adhered to stipulations to receive benefits should be put in place to limit people’s reliance on said programs and to ensure they are actively striving to pick themselves up by their bootstraps.

A long-term solution is bolstering the availability and quality of educational opportunities. Rather than focusing on social welfare on adults, additional resources should be placed into providing the resources for children to be successful in primary, secondary, and vocational education. This will benefit the United States as those youth mature because they will possess the skills necessary to succeed in adulthood. Federal funding should be provided to assist state and local initiatives rather than to dictate them.

Debt and Deficit 

Putting out the Fire

Congress passed a series of bloated spending bills for 2019, which results in a cumulative $11.4 Trillion deficit over the next 10 years. We exceeded spending caps and added to national debt. This leads to debt service in the Trillions, over the next 10 years. All leading to reduced capital liquidity for investments, lower income, and few economic opportunities. It also limits congress’ ability to navigate the country through austere deleveraging due to market downfalls. Correcting this problem would be my top priority, if the district entrusts me with its representation. The Federal Government has made overspending the norm and it is time for systemic change before this becomes untenable.


Free Market, Easy Access

Our first priority should be entrusting the individual, not the government, to make choices about their health. Obama-Care was a failed attempt at solving the healthcare problem in America. The primary concern is limited access due to skyrocketing costs for to quality healthcare. Block granting Medicaid grants will allow states to effectively help individuals seeking access to healthcare. This will give way to expanding HSA programs that will afford Texans the flexibility they need. We have seen Texas businesses and individuals engage in Direct Primary Care options. One of the most important aspects of getting these policies in place is educating our fellow Americans on what’s available. If more Americans were aware of Direct Primary, and if more quality physicians participated in Direct Primary, then we could see a cultural shift in the way we think about healthcare.

We should provide states the resources to seek free market solutions in Medicaid coverage through a private bidding process. Similar forces should be applied to Medicare and competitive bidding could save taxpayers an enormous amount of money. Due to Medicare’s share of the healthcare market, we would see delivery systems transformed throughout the sector and provide significant cost savings nationwide. Our focus should be constraining the growth of cost.

National Security

Keep America Safe and Secure

1.  International Challenges

America’s priority for maintaining international security should be preventing resurgent and revisionist powers such as China and Russia from disrupting the current global dynamic. To do so, the United States must take defensive actions to bolster its partnerships with allies in Europe and East / Central Asia which serve as regional counters to near-peer adversaries. It is also important to be mindful of the threats to our digital infrastructure and intellectual property theft.

2. Domestic Challenges

For far too long political partisanship and the socio-economic divides within the nation have continued to become increasingly stark. This division has created a dangerous situation where we, as Americans, are losing our national identity. The loss of a national identity makes governance increasingly difficult and has spillover effects to our foreign policy, which in turn lessens our international standing and security posture.

Standing together, as Americans, means standing stronger on the world stage.


1. Illegal Immigration

We must stop illegal immigration. The dilemma of those who entered illegally, but otherwise have been law-abiding citizens, is a more difficult situation. In many cases, their removal would cause more harm than good by disrupting the labor force and separating family ties. However, I absolutely do not condone continued violation of the law at our Southern Border and from the overstay of visas. Concerning “dreamers,” the sins of the parents are not the sins of the child. We must find a balance between granting clemency and ensuring those who, and by extension, their dependents, are not rewarded for their transgressions. The meritocracy based pathway to legal working status would be worth considering but only packaged in a comprehensive plan that solves the greater problem. A more robust guest worker program is also needed. One that provides necessary labor but also accounts for all entrants.

2. Border Security

President Donald Trump has promised the American people that he would build a wall to secure our border. I will stand with President Trump, and vote to fund the building of that wall. I view border security and national defense as the same. To secure our country, we must provide the entities charged with its protection the tools necessary to do so. Providing that is one of the principal functions of the Government. We also need better technology and infrastructure at our nation’s border. It is time for Congress to deliver results for the American people.

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment is clear. The right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Firearms have been a part of America since our founding; however, the phenomena of mass shootings are relatively new. This shift is evidence that gun violence is only a symptom of a deeper seeded problem which we must identify and address.

The Right to Life

More than 61 Million innocent and defenseless unborn babies have been legally killed by abortion since 1973. We must defund Planned Parenthood, and support Pro-life women’s health clinics. We need to give women the options and services they need, without abortion being a part of the conversation. As your representative, I promise to stand up for the lives of the unborn.

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